Remember you are over the Edge of the Wild now, and in for all sorts of fun wherever you go.

Gandalf, The Hobbit

Welcome to Over the Edge of the Wild, a blog dedicated to sharing my experiences as I travel around the world. Ever since I was a child I have dreamed of seeing the world, and now that dream has finally come true. There’s a basic plan for countries to visit and a general time frame for doing so, but even those have been changed more than once, so nothing’s set in concrete. I’ll go home when I run out of money, and see where I go from there!

This blog is basically just a journal of my trip, to collect memories for myself, for friends and family at home, and for anyone else who might be interested in reading them. With intermittent internet access on the road, and a desire to create a lot of memories as well as write about them, I can’t guarantee the stories will ever be up to date, but I’ll give it a go. I can promise they’re all true though. The good, the bad, and the so-far-from-normal-life-that-can’t-possibly-have-happened.

Although I’m travelling solo, that’s not the same thing as travelling alone. There are always people taking the same train or bus, staying in the same accommodation, visiting the same sights, volunteering for the same organisation, or even eating at the same street stall. They might not always speak the same language, or hold the same beliefs and opinions, but, whether they are ships passing in the night or lifelong friends in the making, they make it hard to feel lonely for long. That being said, it’s also nice to hear from home (or from other people who are interested in my stories) so feel free to leave me comments or questions on the blog, or you can email me at overtheedgeofthewild-at-gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!

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